“I have 5 Tsavos, some of which have now done 4 seasons. The product quality is fantastic: four seasons in and they look almost as good as new and they have withstood winds gusting over 80mph in the winter months, without incidence. The service is excellent: on the few occasions that we have encountered problems Albion have worked quickly to find solutions. I would certainly recommend them to anyone looking to set up a Glamping business.”
Bella Given – www.longlandsdevon.co.uk

“‘We did our homework on literally every option out there prior to making our decision on our tent supplier. Very simply the quality of the product, attention to detail and the outstanding customer service throughout could not be matched”
Sarah Jackson – www.alittlebitofrough.co.uk

“A very well made safari tent that is stunning to look at. The customer service we received throughout was excellent. We have had delighted customers from the very word go. Luxury camping at its finest, we will be back for more!”
Anna Bury” - www.eversfieldsafaritents.co.uk


Bell TentSo I'm on a site. Surrounded by cheap flappy bell tents (been a resurgence clearly) I'm with my baby bell, Good companions, and a force ten. The Albion 10 is the only bell tent here that will be standing if if gets windy. I broke the zip (grippy bit only) off the door this morning. I'll fix that easy enough though.... Or I might go down the Dutch lacing route instead. Couple of questions. How come you don't have them listed on your site anymore? I haven't seen anything even approaching this quality since I bought it. And... how much is this canvas to buy? I'll send a photo. It's the Y pole one !

Festy Tent - After years of seeking Festival accomodation providing style, comfort and ease of use, Albion has answered all my dreams...don't waste any more time and buy one now! - Julia Sawalha

Bespoke canvas awning - I just thought I should let you know that the canvas awning you made for my pergola is spot on.   It looks very well put together, fits nicely and should serve the purpose for which it has been designed for many years.   Thanks. John

Festy Tent - Hi Alan, First of all many thanks for the amazing Festy Tent you made for me. I have put a review up on the website saying how much I'm pleased with it. It's so far survived 2 festivals, a post wedding chill out (16 people) and 2 weekends away. With the brazier in it I expect to push the seasonal limits even further than I usually do for camping. Even in the summer it's nice to sit around the hot coals in a tshirt rather than being dressed up in multiple jumpers, hat and blanket. Also what type of paint would you recommed to use on it? I've already had a few offers from people with far more artisic talent than myself to put some decor on it and again I don't want to ruin the canvas. Lastly what is your drink of choice? Whisky, rum, gin? Let us know and I'll send you a well deserved bottle for your efforts. I really am so pleased with the tent. Kind regards, Tim Drane

No 14 Dome - I bought a dome from you in 2000 and really love it; it truly is my prized possesion, and is much admired by everyone. - R.O. Halifax

No 10 Albion Bell -The 10ft bell tent is great. I chose a lace-up door and separate ground sheet, which means I can roll up the sides and enjoy sunrise while still in bed! Heaven!   

No 14 Dome - When we first erected our Dome from Albion Canvas we knew we had a unique and very special space to hold our workshops in. One of the best evenings we have ever spent was sleeping in the dome, with the roof cap off, gazing at a deep rich starry sky - bliss! Thank you Albion Canvas wonderful craftmanship and creating a unique and magical, portable space.  - Rob Wilson (Woodspirit).

20ft Yurt - The yurt has become an invaluable addition to the range of the Forestry Commission's display/exhibition equipment.  The yurt itself is an attractive object and its wooden construction fits perfectly with what the Forestry Commission is all about.  Added to its aesthetic appeal is its versatility - we are delighted with its usefulness . Clive Davies, Forestry Commission

No 12 Yurt - Thank you, thank you for an excellent yurt cover, also for your generous time the day I came down. Best wishes, Veronica Upton .
Ouled Nail - Is this the ultimate party tent? Yes, I think it is. Absolutely stunning to look at, loads of space for chilling out, and fantastic furnished with a few Moroccan lanterns, cushions and a pile of rugs. - Jon Parr  

No 12 Albion Bell - Just to let you know about your tent you made for me, its wonderful, loads of room. It rained the first night I put it up (not a drop came through) so I had a load of my re-enacting mates crammed in there too. There was twelve of us with folding chairs and EIGHT sitting on the floor! I have been camping now most of my life off and on, but that tent is cool in the sun, with a plastic tent you have to get out because it gets too hot. I love it, thanks and all the best, Barry. - Barry Wenham (No relation! Alan)

20ft Yurt - The yurt was used for a science show during the Edinburgh International Science Festival. We had three shows a day for seven days.  There were between 25 and 35 people per show!  In addition a large section of the yurt was used as a 'stage' or performance area for the actors/performers.  It was an interactive show, so there needed to be plenty of room for them top move around.  I was amazed at just how much space there was inside a yurt as I initially thought we would have to have much smaller audiences because of limited space.  Overall the yurt was a very successful venue. Kathryn O'Loan, Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh
No 14 Albion Bell - What a lovely tent. Its huge - bigger than expected and possibly need but I am tall and this has a lot of places where I can stand up straight which a smaller size would not give me.  I am very impressed with the construction and how it looks when up. It is very well made. we received excellent service and although there are long delivery times it was delivered when promised and worth the wait.  - Richard Lupson  
No 18 Yurt - We bought an 18ft yurt to use for exhibition purposes - we are traditional wooden boatbuilders on the Thames and attend 3 shows a year which, in business terms are very important to us. The concept that, like a boat, most of the structure of a yurt is curved and made from natural materials appealed to us and having seen yurts used at the Eden project as very successful exhibition space, we decided to buy one when the company that used to hire us a traditional marquee, ceased trading. We used our yurt for the first time last year and it has been a hit from start to finish.  The only problem sometimes is getting people to come in because, with the low door, they have trouble finding the nerve to step over the threshhold however, once inside, visitors are usually loathe to leave and the yurt certainly has a magical effect on those that enter.  In short - WE LOVE OUR YURT - and have yet to meet anyone who isn't totally bowled over by it's stunning good looks, practicality and atmosphere of peace and serenity. PS Alan is not paying me to say this! - Lucie Henwood - Henwood & Dean Boatbuilders

No 14 Albion Bell  - I was impressed that the first time we really used the 14ft version of this tent in anger it stood up to 8 hours of non-stop rain and wind on the lizard in Cornwall with just some very very minor leaking. The tent is really very well made. The zip is a really good heavy duty number that looks like it will offer years of service and the canvas has been well stitched. The groundsheet is also really good and thick - not like other tents I've used in the past. If I had to make a critisism it's that the collar for the flue of our wood burning stove doesn't fit very well and requires quite a bit of flue tape, etc. to stop it leaking. Don't let those minor critisisms put you off, this really is a lovely tent to use and really stands out from the crowds. You won't buy another tent for a few years that's for sure! - Mark Warrington  

No 12 Yurt - I have had so much fun in my new yurt! The heart windows are great and we put a flashing red light in the litle one in the door so it looked like it was beating! Everything about it is perfect, thank you so much, all my friends want one now and I wont hesitate in recommending you. - Jen Gresty
No 16 Yurt - My yurt is a very fine yurt. It needs to be, since it spends most of its time on its own in woodlands high in the Welsh hills, exposed to wind and rain. As a fairly clumsy new owner, I have benefited from Alan’s support through the buying process, delivery and erection, and subsequently, as we ironed out some of the problems arising from the unusual situation and climate.  Friends and friends of friends are taken with the unique sense of tranquillity which must come partly from the remoteness of North Radnorshire, but the internal atmosphere has to do with the quality of the light, as well as the shape and proportions. Pride of ownership is not the least of the benefits.  My most magical moment to date has been sitting inside, warm as toast, with the stove almost glowing, watching the hail and sleet lash down in sub-zero temperature outside the open doors. It holds its own in the outstanding scenery of mid Wales, and will doubtless give the stunt bikers some serious rivalry as the main attraction. I love it. - Andy Matthews  

No 16 Yurt  - Well just took delivery of a 16' Yurt. Can't say enough good things about it.... Beautifully made, completely inspiring and just generally totally fabulous!! - Jon Parr  

No 16 Tipi  - I fell in love with Albion canvas four years ago when I was in pursue of fulfilling my dream of owning my own tipi. After seeing an advertisment for Albion my burning desire got the better of me and I rang Alan.(life just hasnt been the same since!) Five minutes on the telephone to Alan and I knew as he spoke with such enthusiasm and passion about his tipi that I had chosen the right person. Alan was such an inspiration and I am now a very proud owner of my beautiful 16ft tipi,my family and I love it and the adventures it takes us on. I wish everyone an Albion Canvas, experience it is good for your soul and takes you on a spiritual adventure. Thank you Alan -  Jan Dean

No 12 Albion Bell - I finally got to get out and play with my new bell tent this weekend, and I had to let you know how much i love it! Its simply the best tent i have ever owned, honestly. My friend has also fallen for its charms and is sending you a cheque immediately. Thanks again - Tom Varcoe

4V Geodesic Dome - We needed a big dome with many options for cooling and ventilation to use for yoga from the cool of the morning to the blazing noonday ibiza sun....Alan exceeded my requirements and expectations stunningly with a creative and pragmatic flair that makes being inside solid walls even harder to countenance. -   Godfrey Devereux

No 14 Dome  - Brilliant home from home, snug and weatherproof while allowing you to totally enjoy wind rain and sun safe from their excesses...so easy to put up take down and want to get back to after a night or more in one of those big thick heartless boxes we foolishly rely on. -  Godfrey Devereux

Festy tent - We put up the festy tent two days ago and it was great. We had a some difficulty in getting the central pole straight. But I think a flat piece of wood under it would solve the problem. We left it up overnight in winds of 100km/hour (we didn't know it was going to be windy that night) and it was still there in the morning. Thanks very much; Yasmina and Jon Old