Tsavo Base Construction

The following specification is a typical design specification Albion Canvas recommends for its Tsavo structure where a solid base is required, the final specification/dimensions will be dependent on ground conditions and any relevant statutory approvals. It is important any deck is constructed to the correct overall dimensions and that they are installed level and square.  

Timber deck specification

Prepare ground, excavate and construct 750mm x 750mm x 1000mm (max) deep concrete pads at 4.5m centers along the length and 2.5m centers across the width.  Form concrete piers using two courses of 7kn/mm2 concrete block work laid flat, to a height of  200mm. Construct timber suspended base using 47mmx 150mm, C16 treated timber joists spaced at 400mm centers, supported from galvanized steel joist hangers fixed to double thickness 47mm x 225mm perimeter joists bolted together, incorporating intermediate solid strutting. 18mm structural plywood or similar laid to inner tent area and fixed to timber joists with galvanized screws. Exposed areas of base (front and rear areas) to be fitted with 18mm thick treated timber decking material.