Now available from Albion Canvas Half Moon Mats.

The Semi-circular premium S3M4 Anjengo quality Half Moon Coir Mats are edged with double stitched natural coloured cotton, along a circular edge with a cut out for the central pole.

Due to coir's natural durability the mats provide not only an aesthetically pleasing layer to your camping experience, but also provides an excellent barrier between you and the ground through their insulating quality. Sold in pairs, they are ideal for Bell tents, Yurts and Geodesic domes.

Available in the following sizes.

  • 3 meter mats - £125.88
  • 4 meter mats - £211.68
  • 5 meter mats - £297.68
  • 6 meter mats - £512.00
  • 7 meter mats - £628.00

Prices are exclusive of VAT & Carriage