Having just returned from Kenya in the last few days, it was a stark reality check from my previous visits.  Arriving at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi and being met by Duncan, driving in Nairobi the trees were full of Marabou storks, talking to Duncan he explained due to the draught in the country these fabulous birds were coming into the city to scavenge food.

This was a real problem, due to the numbers and only the day before I’d arrived the airport was closed for two hours because the storks had invaded the airport and were a danger to the aircraft.

Flying a couple of days later to Mombasa in a small aircraft it was very apparent to me the scale of the drought and the problems these areas of Africa are suffering.

In Mombasa I visited a number of factories, just to tell you about two –

Likoni Quality Furniture Factory is a project run by the Association of the Physically Disabled of Kenya (A.P.D.K) and working with Albert Mutua Project Manager.  We are currently developing a partnership to supply furniture and support this project here in the UK for further information see www.apaklimofurniture.org

Akamba Handicraft Industry Cooperative Society offers a range of wooden handicrafts; this community of over 5000 people work together to their mutual benefit, again Albion Canvas is looking to work with them, to supply their art in the UK see www.akambahandicraftcoop.com for further information.

Taking a little time off over the weekend I had the opportunity to visit the Tsavo reserve.  The name given to our lodge, click here if you are interested to see some photo’s taken on this excursion.