Links of Interest environmentally friendly mountaineering equipment. Chapter 7 is a UK organisation campaigning for sustainable planning. is an organisation that creates opportunities for people to explore the power and joy of the human voice; through song, creative expression, breath and the power of ‘authentic presence’. Tent hire company using our tents. Traditional wooden boat makers. North London creative arts group using a yurt Magikal tree & sprit courses Tuscan yoga retreats and courses Country house wildlife park Superb traditional welsh chairs and yurts London Wetlands Centre, have one of our 21ft yurts Alec and Bindis gedome tent - reflexology and Human Givens - made their own frame - useful videos of the dome. Environmentally friendly web directory Last wooden hulled 3 masted topsail schooner (not for sale though!) We have just suplied some canvas work for them and have fallen in love! (with the ship I hasten to add.) River Cottage aims to promote a better understanding of the nature and origins of what we eat, and to celebrate and contribute to the vibrancy of our local food community.  Every product and experience that we create aims to have a beneficial impact on our understanding, enjoyment and relationship with real food. Our old next door neighbours who are rather nice people and make some great garden and indoor sculptures. As some of you may know I used to be a kite maker and Paul and Helene Morgan were good friends and strong competition! Fabulous and inspiring kites designed and made by Paul and Helene. An outdoor holiday is not complete without a kite. An inspirational Blog from Tom on his green woodworking, forest gardens and orchard work. Fantastic stuff go and have a look! Beautiful natural beds look fantastic in a yurt! yurt hire in Cornwall The British Brown Hare preservation Trust Lots of cool camping related sites