Introducing our stunning range of willow designs and willow products – all hand made in Somerset.

Our collection includes traditional and contemporary willow baskets, furniture and garden structures, exclusive willow gift ideas and practical additions to your glam camping experience.

The Somerset Levels are the most important wetland area in the UK.  This unique landscape provides perfect conditions for willow growing.  ‘Withies’ have been grown here for two centuries and it is now the only area left in the UK where ‘Withies’ are still cultivated for these type of uses.

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  1. Willow Hamper - Shooter

    Willow Hamper - Shooter


    ''Red Riding Hood' style hamper with handle and 2 slope lids

    Available in 2 sizes and with or without central divisions for bottles/flasks.

    Colour: Buff Learn More
  2. Willow Fruit Bowl

    Willow Fruit Bowl


    Circular, curved fruit bowl.

    Dimensions diameter : 14 x 5 inches

    Colour: Brown/Buff
    Learn More
  3. Willow Bread Basket

    Willow Bread Basket


    Traditional bread basket.

    Dimensions diameter: 10 x 4 inches
    Learn More
  4. Willow Cutlery Tray

    Willow Cutlery Tray


    Strong, attractive cutlery tray.

    Dimensions: 17 x 13 x 4 inches Learn More
  5. Willow Linen Basket

    Willow Linen Basket


    Linen basket with hinged, flat lid.

    Available in 2 sizes

    Colour: Buff Learn More
  6. Willow Toy Box

    Willow Toy Box


    Large, deep, rectangular storage box with flat, hinged lid and leather straps. Suitable for most storage purposes from toys to linen, towels etc.

    Dimensions: 29 x 18 x 19 inches

    Colour: Buff
    Learn More
  7. Willow Log Basket

    Willow Log Basket


    On open-ended log basket with handle over - rectangular in shape!!

    Equally at home in the garden for carrying tools etc.

    Dimensions: 15 x 22 10 inches

    Colour: Steamed/Buff Learn More
  8. Willow Withy Butt

    Willow Withy Butt


    Round basket suitable for logs (potato gathering or general storage).

    Available in 3 sizes Learn More
  9. Willow Hurdles

    Willow Hurdles


    We offer high quality willow hurdles – custom made to your requirements.

    These can be used to enhance the front deck on your new Tsavo purchase. Special brackets to fix to your deck are available.

    They can be used to hide away areas such as waste bins, log piles or simply used to enhance your outdoor living space.

  10. Willow Dog Basket

    Willow Dog Basket


    Robust, circular dog bed in various diameters with drop front.
    Dimensions: 20 x 15 inches
    Colour: Buff Learn More
  11. Willow Bakers Basket

    Willow Bakers Basket


    Sturdy, traditional baker's basket with handle- equally suitable as a 'no-nonsense' shopper.
    Available in two sizes. Learn More
  12. Willow Wine Server

    Willow Wine Server


    Wine Server - an ideal gift - for 75cl bottles
    Dimensions: 5 x 10 x 6 inches Learn More
  13. Willow Hanging Pod Chair 

    Willow Hanging Pod Chair 

    Currently Out of Stock
    A lovely way to spend time in your garden. Our willow pod chair is great for reading and relaxing.

    Approx 6'x3' with a 30" Seat

    Note: Online price INCLUDES delivery. Price if collected from our shop is £426.50 Learn More
  14. Willow Oval Mary

    Willow Oval Mary


    Traditional, barrel sided, oval shopping basket with handles lengthwise, ideal for carrying by your side - made by Mary!
    Dimensions: 10 x 13 x 9 inches Learn More
  15. Willow Round Standard

    Willow Round Standard


    Pretty circular basket in fine weave.
    Dimensions: 14 x 8 inches Learn More

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