Cabin Beds and Cabin Baths

To compliment the Safari tent, Albion Canvas produces several small wooden structures for use as Cabin beds and for bathroom and toilet cabins.

Cabin Beds

There are two styles of Cabin Bed, basically the same dimensions but with a different roof style. The most popular style is that with the pitched roof as shown in the photographs below. This is designed to fit across the Tsavo with rear a rear opening to allow access in to the master bedroom. The openings can either have doors or serge curtains if you prefer. The space below the bed (a standard double) is ideal for storage of luggage.

Cabin Bed

The Cabin bed is supplied in unfinished timber for you to paint or oil finish as you prefer. There is no ‘roof’ as such but we can supply a light fabric top if required.

cabin Bed

Sketch showing two different cabin bed types with curtains.

Cabin Beds

Bathroom Cabins

  • Manufactured in the UK.
  • Canvas coated with fire retardant, water proofing and rot inhibitors to British Standards.
  • Fire certificates issued, listing panel numbers and dates of manufacture.
  • Every panel has its own unique identification number.
  • All interior fabrics fire retardant to British Standards.
  • Construction team available.
  • After sales service and advice.
  • Finance available.
  • Maintenance and repairs available.
  • Scale drawings and visualisations available for planners.
  • All products designed to meet the needs of the European climate.
  • Wide range of interior finishes, liners, insulation, and furnishing available.


Cabin Beds and Bathrooms Fact Sheet - fact sheet