About Us

Everything we do is about the quality of experience you get from us and your tent.  

All the tents are designed to give you a comfortable experience.

Whenever I go camping I like to do it in style, sheepskin rugs, wood burning stove, properly laid out kitchen, Tilley and hurricane lamps, sofa, and my wind up gramophone and a selection of Jazz 78’s. Its not lightweight camping but its very comfortable and it’s a lot of fun!

At the end of the day I believe that a camping holiday should be just that – a holiday, not a form of uncomfortable accommodation that you put up with because it’s cheap.

It has been an interesting year for the company, which has included the development of some great new products, but also its merger with Boldscan in November 2010 has opened up a wide range of opportunities for the company.

Albion Canvas is now based in the Somerset market town of Wellington, situated in part of the old mill complex dating back to the 1700’s. Its 14,000 sq ft manufacturing base offers it the very best of traditional skills and modern manufacturing techniques. Since the merger the company has invested nearly £100,000 in new computerised cutting technology to ensure the very best quality and remaining at the forefront of traditional tent manufacturing in the UK.

The new Tsavo tented lodges we featured recently in the Sunday Times, when editors recently spent the weekend Glam-Camping at the www.dandelionhideaway.co.uk site in Warwickshire and our Geodesic Domes featured on the Country House Rescue episode featuring Trerefe House in Penzance.